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Sadly, NBC decided not to renew Surface. There is an ongoing campaign for more episodes run from the boards at Check there for up-to-date details.

NBC have released Surface on DVD for Region 1 (USA & Canada) and Region 2 (Europe). DVD sales will have a huge influence on the possibility of a made-for-TV movie or media tie-ins such as books, comics, computer games or toys. So buy it now!

If you live in the US, you can also buy every episode of Surface on iTunes or Amazon Unbox for only $1.99 each. You can even give them as a gift.

NBC has a form you can fill in to tell them what merchandise you would buy. Let them know how much you want a plush Nim of your very own, or anything else you can think of.

NBC also has a survey they want people to take so they can get an idea of their viewing habits. Fill it in and don't forget to tick Surface! Keep checking your email for further survey requests from them. I have been asked to complete more surveys and have made it very clear to them that I am an impulse buyer who has lots of spare cash and loves sci-fi. And that watching sci-fi makes me want to buy things ;-)

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